(Cas No.:Awf Other Names:Waterproof Paint )
  • JS Elastomeric Roof Coating
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Product Detail
Quick Details
  • Cas No.:Awf
  • Other Names:Waterproof Paint
  • Mf:Dase
  • Einecs No.:Dase
  • Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland)
  • Main Raw Material:Polyurethane
  • Usage:Building Coating
  • Application Method:Brush
  • State:Powder Coating
  • Brand Name:Jby
  • Model Number:1
  • Weight:20kg/barrel
  • Material:Powder And Liquid
  • Package:Plastic Barrel
1,Elastomeric Roof Coating
2,Environmentally friendly products
3,Grey waterproof membrane

 JS Elastomeric Roof Coating

Polymers cement waterproof coating (JS composite waterproof material). In recent years the building waterproof coating is a large category in the rapid development. It is composed of an organic polymer emulsion and cement and various organic pigments and compounded with a two-component waterproof coating. It is a new building material with both organic materials with high flexibility and inorganic materials with good durability .High strength and tough waterproof layer formed after the film.


Main performance


1.Environmentally friendly products, non-toxic, non-polluting, safe to use

2.Products can be in a dry or wet material base construction

3.High strength, high elasticity coating, water resistance excellent weathering resistance, with a variety of primary bonding firm

4. On the facade, plane, inclined plane can direct construction, no running, simple operation, can be   directly added pigment formation of color coating



Scope of application


The product can be in wet or dry masonry, mortar, concrete, metal, wood, plastic, glass, plaster board, foam board, asphalt, rubber, SBS membrane, such as polyurethane based on construction, industrial and civil architectural ( example: room floor, wall, underground, tunnel, bridge, pond, reservoir kitchen, toilet ), can be used



Item No.


Product characteristics


1. non-toxic, non-pollution, environmental-friendly

2.resistant to elevated temperature,water

3.good climate resistance,excellent cohesiveness

4.coating of tough

Application scope


1.roof, basement, exterior wall, lavatory,foam boam,asphalt

2.building parts such as crack, wall tubes, water drain places.



— Plastic barrels and woven bag with liner inside sealed packaging;

— 20kg/pail


  liquid material : powder material  8:12


 Be storage in cool dry place, liquid material against sunshine and frozen, while powder material  prevent affected with damp.

Shelf Life 

12 months

Construction condition

—Construction temperature should be above 0°C

—Open-air project avoid rainy days or avoid construct on base surface with water.

—Do not do second coating until the first coating is dry

—The construction of protective layer or decorative layer should be done only after the first coating is dry.

Coat Recommended

3 coats

Application method



25 barrels

Lead time





30% advance, 70% balance should be paid once production finished;T/T for the current stock


Construction technology


1.Clean the surface, surface requires a firm and flat, with strength, not hollowing loose, sand and other phenomena, the yin-yang angle should be put into a circular, with a water outlet phenomenon should do first leakage treatment.


2.Use the blender stir and slowly add the powder, stirring for 5 minutes, stirring until the feed does not contain aggregate, with good material should be used up within 2 hours, otherwise will influence the construction of elevated viscosity. (Powder material can be directly used to replace ordinary Portland cement)


Coating weight ratio method according to the product packaging dimension scale ingredients, water adding amount can be adjusted properly, to adjust the coating station consistency, to meet the different parts of the construction elevation and plane.


Embedded in the groove sealing material, in the corner, pipe root and other details shall many times (2-5 times of brushing), underground engineering to paving a layer of reinforcement material


Each layer of brushing time interval of 8 hours, the winter should be extended, each over the film in0.4-0.5mm as well, should not be over too thick, inside construction should not add water or less water as well, in order to avoid coating flows.


3.Apply construction, primary processing, primer, additional layer construction, surface coating and protection layer


4.Using a brush or roller brush paint brush evenly on the grass-roots , should be painted horizontal and vertical cross, interval of 4 hours or more. General primer two, surface coating two, additional layer using 45-60grams / square meters of non-woven fabrics, each square was 3kg, thickness of 1.5mm, if have special structural requirements may account for the increased surface besmear brushes number.


Matters needing attention


1.Ingredients to accurate metering, mixing evenly, use should not add water.


2.Construction of the temperature should be above 0 degree, under negative temperature construction shall take the necessary freezing measures


3,Waterproof coating is now with the current use, and used it within four hours.


Transportation and storage

1.Should be in 0 degree above the dry, cool storage place, storage period of 6 months.

2.Each packing 50 kg / barrel,20 kg / barrel two specifications


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